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This web site was developed to make the standard male aware of an available procedure for those interested in achieving an alternative persona.  Men often find that many of their regular work and recreational activities are disrupted or diminished by recurring thoughts of sexual activity or unwanted urges which cannot be satisfied during these activities.  As a solution we have a procedure offered here called Orchiectomy, often referred to as Castration.  This permanent surgical solution is achieved by removal of the testes.  This is the most common procedure I perform at this time on standard males to provide them the lifestyle adjustment they want to control their sexual obsessions and in many cases just to allow them to have a more calm and stable way of life as an alternative male.  Some standard males may seek temporary relief with medications to evaluate the benefits before Orchiectomy.  While not appropriate for everyone, if you think Orchiectomy can help you achieve your desired objectives, we will be happy to discuss any goals or related questions you may have about the procedure, which is performed in a local hospital as an outpatient under general anesthesia.

While an Orchiectomy will provide the lifestyle changes listed above, there are possible side effects such as reduced muscles strength or acquiring some feminine physical traits such as body hair loss that can occur. However, each neutered male will have his unique experience. We can discuss the possibilities with you prior to your commitment. Patients who would like to be castrated can contact my office for more information and cost of the procedure.

Before we can schedule your procedure, you need to write me a letter explaining why you are asking to have an Orchiectomy.  In that letter, you must to be honest and truthful.  I need to be convinced that your desire is sincere in order to perform your surgery.

Male-to-Female (MTF) Procedures

Orchiectomy (Castration)- Most common procedure I perform at this time from this site . Orchiectomy is the removal of the testicles. The penis and the scrotum are left intact. Orchiectomy is done as an outpatient procedure and patients can expect to return to regular activities in 1 or 2 weeks. Orchiectomy is done to stop most of the body's production of testosterone which prostate cancer needs in order to grow. Orchiectomy causes sudden hormone changes in the body and side effects from those changes are, sterility, loss of sexual interest, erection problems, hot flashes, larger breasts ( gynecomastia), weight gain, loss of muscle mass and thin or brittle bones ( osteoporosis). Patients who would like to be castrated ( Eunuch) can contact my office at 770-951-7595 for more information and cost of the procedure.

Before you have your procedure, you must write me a letter explaining why you are asking to have Orchiectomy. In that letter, you must be honest and truthful. If I am not convienced, then your surgery will be refused.

Also refer to the links below to get an idea about the risks and complications of Orchiectomy that you need to know for the letter.





And there are more sites to review. Good luck.

******Other procedures performed by Dr. Movagharnia******

Labiaplasty (Cosmetic Surgery)

Chondrolaryngoplasty (Adam's Apple Reduction/Tracheal Shaving)

SRS/GRS (Genital Surgery)- I AM NOT DOING THIS PROCEDURE AT THIS TIME. Unfortunately, no hospital in Atlanta has granted me permission to perform SRS/ GRS at this time. I am working very hard to obtain that permission.

Other Cosmetic Procedures Performed

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Memory gel or saline implants
Liposuction with ultrasonic tumescent liposuction
Rhytidectomy (Face lift)-  Quick face lift
Buttock Augmentation- Using patient's own fat or silicone implants
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)
Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)

For more cosmetic procedures along with before and after pictures, please
visit our website www.ccrsatlanta.com.

When having your primary GRS/SRS procedure you can combine additional cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation and tracheal shaving. Depending on the cosmetic surgery of your choice and the time that they take to perform, it will make sense financially to have two or three procedures together, depending on how healthy you are with no significant medical problems. Also, having a combination of surgeries at the same time will also give you the advantage of undergoing only one anesthesia session and one period of recovery.

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